Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Boleyn Inheritance - Philippa Gregory

Synopsis for The Boleyn Inheritance:

"Three Women Who Share One Fate: The Boleyn Inheritance

Anne of Cleves

She runs from her tiny country, her hateful mother, and her abusive brother to a throne whose last three occupants are dead. King Henry VIII, her new husband, instantly dislikes her. Without friends, family, or even an understanding of the language being spoken around her, she must literally save her neck in a court ruled by a deadly game of politics and the terror of an unpredictable and vengeful king. Her Boleyn Inheritance: accusations and false witnesses.

Katherine Howard

She catches the king's eye within moments of arriving at court, setting in motion the dreadful machine of politics, intrigue, and treason that she does not understand. She only knows that she is beautiful, that men desire her, that she is young and in love -- but not with the diseased old man who made her queen, beds her night after night, and killed her cousin Anne. Her Boleyn Inheritance: the threat of the axe.

Jane Rochford

She is the Boleyn girl whose testimony sent her husband and sister-in-law to their deaths. She is the trusted friend of two threatened queens, the perfectly loyal spy for her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, and a canny survivor in the murderous court of a most dangerous king. Throughout Europe, her name is a byword for malice, jealousy, and twisted lust. Her Boleyn Inheritance: a fortune and a title, in exchange for her soul."

Jenn: Reading this book just cemented my new obsession with Philippa Gregory. I really enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, and this book picks up after Jane Seymour dies from complications in childbirth. The narrorators switch between the 3 women, which adds such depth to the story that it's a compelling read. You really get into these women's heads, seeing their motivations and all that preceeded their less than stellar circumstances. It's really well written and I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book.

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