Monday, March 1, 2010

Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Synopsis for Shiver:

"For years, Grace has been fascinated by the yellow-eyed wolf that saved her from its pack when she was a child. Sam, bitten by a wolf as a boy, is that wolf. Long obsessed with each other at a distance, they finally meet after a wolf hunt (inspired by the apparent death of a local teen) sends a wounded and temporarily human Sam into Grace's arms. Their young love is facilitated by Grace's hands-off parents but threatened by two linked crises: the fact that Sam will soon lose the ability to become human and the instability of a new werewolf."

Jenn: Ok, I'll be honest. I LOVED this book. The feeling I got when reading it reminded me a lot of how I felt after reading the Twilight series - which I love. (Yes, I'm one of those people, and proud of it.) The story is really good, with things that seem inconsequential at first popping back up and becoming fairly important. The love story is wonderfully written, since the book switches the narrative between Sam and Grace, and you really understand how much they love each other. The ending was really good, although it ends just as I'm wanting more. But I'll forgive that this time, because there was closure and a sequel is coming in July - a sequel I am deeply anticipating. I definitely recommend this book.

*The series is called The Wolves of Mercy Falls and will consist of 3 books - Shiver (out now), Linger (coming out in July), and an as yet unnamed third book. It has also just had the rights sold to make Shiver into a movie. (Insert girlish squeal here!)

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