Monday, March 1, 2010

The White Queen - Phillippa Gregory

Synopsis for The White Queen:

"Brother turns on brother to win the ultimate prize, the throne of England, in this dazzling account of the wars of the Plantagenets. They are the claimants and kings who ruled England before the Tudors, and now Philippa Gregory brings them to life through the dramatic and intimate stories of the secret players: the indomitable women, starting with Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen.

The White Queen tells the story of a woman of extraordinary beauty and ambition who, catching the eye of the newly crowned boy king, marries him in secret and ascends to royalty. While Elizabeth rises to the demands of her exalted position and fights for the success of her family, her two sons become central figures in a mystery that has confounded historians for centuries: the missing princes in the Tower of London whose fate is still unknown."

Jenn: This book was interesting, because unlike her other books, there was enough fiction to it that at points I'm not sure what is and isn't fact. It was a good story and it's intriguing to read about the history of the royals of England, but the herione who starts out fairly sweet ends up being a bit power hungry at the end, which was a little sad - although probably true. There was a lot of magic woven through this book, since both the herione and her mother were accused of being witches at one point or another. The only problem I had was that it just kind of ended, which I hate. It's going to be a series, so there will be a sequel, but I hate when there's no real resolution until the next installment. But still, overall it was a good read.

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