Monday, September 13, 2010

Far From You - Lisa Schroeder

Lost and alone...Down the rabbit hole.

Alice thought she knew
what solitude was:
Her mother—gone.
Her father—remarried with a newborn

in the icy embrace
of a deadly snowstorm,
Alice faces the true meaning of loneliness.

But hope
may not be as far away
as she thinks....

I absolutely loved this book. As someone who has had a stepmother (or two) in her life, I can completely relate to Ali's emotions in almost every way. I love that she lost herself in her music and her boyfriend, and felt so alienated from her family even though it was partly her fault. It's so true of how teenagers are. But the best part, in my opinion was just her overall growth. It was tense reading about her stuck in the snowstorm with her stepmother and baby sister, and I was constantly worrying if they would all make it through ok. But seeing Ali's perspective change, letting her guard down enough to allow her to see things differently was such a tender thing to read. By the end of the book I was crying my eyes out. I really liked I Love You, You Haunt Me, but this book has officially made Lisa Schroeder a must read author for me. Loved. It.


Far From You
Lisa Schroeder
Simon & Schuster Children's
368 pages
$15.99 (hardcover)

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